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Prayer of the Day
Almighty God, the resplendent light of your truth shines from the mountaintop into our hearts. Transfigure us by your beloved Son, and illumine the world with your image, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen
Reading this passage in 2 Kings makes you wonder why it was chosen for this particular Sunday.  It’s most likely because it’s also the passage where Elijah was taken up by a flaming chariot, or at least that’s how it reads.  Elisha did have the gumption to ask for a double portion of his spirit.  The question it raises is if we would have that same courage.  Maybe we should step out in faith.  The unknown is always the most frightening, because it’s the unknown.
Psalm 50:1-6 (KJ21)

Psalm 50:1-6 21st Century King James Version (KJ21)

50 The Mighty God, even the Lord, hath spoken and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof.

Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined.

Our God shall come and shall not keep silence; a devouring fire shall go before Him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about Him.

He shall call to the heavens from above and to the earth, that He may judge His people:

“Gather My saints together unto Me, those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.”

And the heavens shall declare His righteousness, for God Himself is judge. Selah

We go from the flaming chariot to what Paul describes as the flame that hopefully burns within you.  It’s nice knowing that we don’t have to do everything ourselves.  We do have help.  But there are still people who refuse even this bit of help.  We don’t want to give up any control.  Maybe that’s why the unknown is so fearful.  We have no control over what happens.
With it being Transfiguration Sunday, of course we will read that particular passage.  This year it happens to be the one in Mark.  These “mountain top experiences” people think happen only once in a lifetime.  Yes it can, but it shouldn’t stop there.  We should have more of them.  The issues is that we should have those valley experiences, for how can we know what a mountain top if not for the valleys?